We are a family run business offering a home away from home environment for your pet while staying with us. We are based in the picturesque Egmont village, on Egmont Road, en route to the beautiful Mount Taranaki.

  • Your pooch will have shared free range of one of our 5 paddocks or they have the choice to get cosy in their kennel for a nap throughout the day.
  • Your cat will be spoiled for choice in our cattery with so many areas to choose from, whether it be sunbathing in the sun room, climbing on the spacious cat gym wall or bird watching in our 2 outside areas.

As a family of animal lovers, we ensure your pets receive the best care possible. We are happy to cater to your pets individual needs, from exercise to administering a specific diet, through to any special requirements. Here is our pack below, Comet and Penny (our rescue sisters) and Slim the Rotty (our newest member). We welcome you and your fur family to come and join the fun!