dog grooming

Why not treat your pet to a groom here at Paws & Claws?


We will give your dog a warm water and high pressure therapeutic shower which they are sure to enjoy.

Here at Paws & Claws we have a range of shampoos to suit all types of coats.

Our shower massages your dog and ensures all dirt and shampoo is rinsed thoroughly from their coat.

The groom will finish with a blow dry.

Staying at the kennels? We can groom your dog on the morning of your pick-up, so they smell lovely and fresh ready for your arrival.

Prices vary from $35 – $45 depending on size and coat type.

If your dog requires specialised medicated shampoo please let us know before arrival.



Our spacious kennels enable multiple kenneling if required. Each individual kennel includes indoor and outdoor covered areas with access to enclosed exercise paddocks.

Baskets, bedding, bowls etc are provided, but you are welcome to bring in any bedding or small comfort item if you wish.

All dogs are exercised off the lead at least twice daily in our secure paddocks, either individually or communal dependent on preference. (See Gallery)

We understand that all animals need lots of love and attention, so tell us what your dog likes best and we will try and meet their needs.

We also offer a pick up and drop off service for your dog.

We are pawsome.

*All dogs must be fully vaccinated, including kennel cough and certificates are to be produced on arrival at the kennels.